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Michigan Nonprofit Relief Fund is Administered by Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO) and Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA).

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The Karen Weaver Williams Foundation (KWWF) is proud to sponsor "In The Money". course. A course that will acclimate young women with the resources to become entrepreunurial and community leaders by teaching core skills utilized in the field of real estate. Entreprenurship is a mission/ goal that is shared by KWWF.


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black money matters

Special guest Kimberly Coulter with Host Jameca Patrick Singleton and Dr. Karen Weaver


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black money matters

Special guest Dr Rhema Vassar, with host Jameca Patrick Singleton and Dr. Karen Weaver. Part 2


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black money matters

Special guest Dr Rhema Vassar, with host Jameca Patrick Singleton and Dr. Karen Weaver. Part 1


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Black Money Matters

Join Us For The In The Money Real Estate School. Sponsored By The Karen Williams Weaver Foundation. Teaching Our Community About Real Estate.

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Karen Weaver Williams Foundation (KWWF) is a member of  Black Network Associates (BNA)  a culturally-relevant community and economic development non-profit for Black-owned, -operated, and -oriented establishments throughout the United States. By empowering Black enterprise, public service organizations and affinity groups, BNA fulfills its mission of "all pulling together and in the same direction" to engage in the practice of sustained economics. 

The primary goal of practicing group economics or PowerNomics is to draw wealth, income and resources into black communities and make them economically self sufficient and competitive.


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In 1922, executives from General Motors and other local philanthropic leaders founded the Flint Community Chest starting a legacy of protecting the welfare of Genesee County residents. In 1928, the Community Chest was incorporated as a separate body. During its 100 years, the United Way has been known by a variety of monikers: Red Feather Fund, United Fund and finally the United Way of Genesee County. No matter the name, the purpose of the organization never changed.


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